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InfusionMax 580g Cream Charger Cylinders

Cook, decorate and create a whole range of culinary dishes, drinks and condiments in your kitchen with InfusionMax. These InfusionMax 580g cream charge cylinders are technologically designed to deliver rapid infusions of flavor without the need for regular refilling. Order below or contact us for a bespoke, wholesale delivery.

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Great Value 580g Nitrous Oxide Infusionmax Cream Charger Cylinders


These InfusionMax cream chargers, filled with 580g nitrous oxide, are perfect for professional kitchen settings — where they can be used to increase the volume and yield of creams, or to add novelty infusions to various drinks, cocktails, and culinary dishes. 


They are most commonly used by professional caterers, such as in pastry shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. But some people also use them at home in the kitchen too. The exact amount of pressure used for the infusion can be measured and utilized with a pressure regulator set (sold separately). 

Check out our wholesale InfusionMax elite cream chargers or take advantage of our reduced price cream cylinders with slightly damaged packaging here.


Frequently Asked Question

No. The Nitrous Oxide contained inside these cylinders is not meant to be inhaled. Doing so can have very serious health consequences — including asphyxiation and death. InfusionMax N20 cream chargers must only ever be used for catering purposes.


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