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Miami Magic

Make all kinds of novelty food dishes, cocktails and drinks with Miami Magic infusions. These cream chargers, styled on the popular video game series. Miami Magic cream chargers are designed to maximize productivity and efficiency in professional kitchen settings — allowing for high-quality food and drink to be prepared easily. 

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Miami Magic smartwhips — available in bulk and bespoke orders.

Great reasons to add Miami Magic infusions to your professional setting include:


  • Superior food-grade Nitrous Oxide (N20) — for a clean and smooth flavor, without any unwanted chemical-y aftertastes or sticky-oily residue. Your customers can count on a delicious taste.
  • Extra large 0.95L containers — get more N20 and safe time and money on refills or extra cylinders. You’ll get about 75 standard chargers per cylinder.
  • More efficient — Miami whips represent the most technologically advanced form of cream whipping. For example, you can expect to turn 0.5 liters of cream into 1.5 liters of whipper butter in less than 60 seconds. They are many times more efficient than traditional means, and the amount of N20 required for a specific recipe can be easily adjusted with a pressure regulator set (sold separately).
  • Works well with most other whipped cream dispenser brands — Magic Miami smartwhip canisters connect with most other whipped cream canisters.

Check out our wholesale Miami Magic options and choose up to 600 — 6,000 cream chargers.

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