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QuickWhip Pro 9g Cream Chargers

QuickWhip Pro 9g cream chargers are created using the highest-quality materials and are packed with 9g of culinary-grade nitrous oxide for all your culinary creations. Create the perfect fluffy whipped cream or infuse your favourite cocktail with new flavours, the possibilities are endless thanks to QuickWhip cream chargers.

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QuickWhip Pro Cream Chargers now with 20% Extra Gas

QuickWhip Pro 9g cream chargers are one of the first 9g cream chargers on the market, now with 20% more gas than many other leading brands. Used throughout cocktail bars and restaurants for rapid flavour infusions, food flavourings, foams and mousses, the QuickWhip Pro cream chargers are an industry leader.

Why buy QuickWhip Pro cream chargers?

QuickWhip have been manufacturing and distributing a variety of pressurised gas products for more than 60 years. All their products are made with the very best materials available, so whether you’re looking for cream chargers or whipped cream dispensers, QuickWhip has you covered.

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