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Seltzer Bottles & Soda Siphons

Seltzer bottles (also known as soda siphons) are ideal for anyone craving carbonation in their drinks. Transforming any liquid from flat to fizzy, home-carbonation has never been easier! Simply add in a CO2 cartridge and off you go!

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Make The Freshest Carbonated Beverages With A Soda Siphon


After a long hard day at work, the idea of drinking the same-old run-of-the-mill store-bought soda that's been sitting in your pantry for at least a week doesn't sound too appealing. You need something that isn't void of creativity; something to look forward to at home time; and something you know will hit that sweet spot every single time. 


With a seltzer bottle, your creativity will be inspired the moment it enters your basket; start thinking about the drinks you'll be making, the flavours you'll be tasting and the applause you'll be facing. 


At SupremeWhip, we sell a wide range of easy-to-use soda maker machines guaranteed to transform the way you enjoy a carbonated beverage. Whether you're sitting back & relaxing or out partying with your friends, the seltzer bottle is a great way to stay refreshed whilst creating the coolest cocktails around.


What Soda Siphon is Right for Me?

Our range includes entry-level, mid-range and premium soda siphons, so whether you’re testing the waters or an expert looking to impress, you can find one that'll suit your budget and taste.


If you’re just starting out and practising carbonation, Quickwhip’s 1L Soda Siphons make carbonation simple and is designed to give anything that extra fizz you’re craving. 


The QuickFizz Soda Plus 1L is the ideal balance between beginner and luxury, featuring a lightweight design that will let you carbonate drinks at any time, any place. 


The iSi Twist & Sparkle offers the perfect luxury soda siphon; watch the bubbles as they dance around and form, all while taking accurate measurements for precise pouring. As the go-to bartender soda siphon, the bottle is easy-to-handle & features a pressure control valve prioritizing safety every step of the way. 


Why do I need a soda siphon?

Convenience: Soda siphons can be used by anyone; simply fill the siphon with water, add a CO2 cartridge, and your favourite flavouring, and enjoy fresh & fizzy soda in minutes. Watch the iSi Twist & Sparkle video to see just how easy they are to use.


Control: Decide how much carbonation you want without worrying about it being flat or fizzing over. 


Cost-effective: Buy a soda siphon once and enjoy carbonation for years to come. All you need is a CO2 cartridge, which will work out a lot cheaper in the long-run compared to pre-carbonated drinks. 


Easy to clean: Designed to be taken apart, cleaned and put back together with ease. Even if you just use water, it’s worthwhile cleaning after every use to prevent air and bacteria from impacting it.


Endless versatility: Craft a variety of carbonated beverages including seltzer & soda water for a wide range of fruity & refreshing cocktails. For flavoured carbonation, simply add in different syrups or sauces and start exploring a world of creations.


Soda siphons are ideal for home & professional use. Whether you're getting creative with the kids at home or infusing exciting cocktails for a sea of customers, you'll be able to to create the perfect memory-making beverage.


How To Use a Seltzer Bottle

1. Fill the bottle: First, fill the soda siphon bottle with cold water so carbonation can dissolve easier.


2. Add the charger: Insert a CO2 charger into the siphon's cartridge holder; you should hear a hissing sound as the gas enters the bottle. 


3. Shake the siphon: Shake the bottle vigorously for 10-15 seconds to dissolve the CO2 into the water.


4. Release the gas: Once shaken, press the button to release the gas; you may hear a hissing sound as the gas escapes.


5. Repeat if necessary: Wait a few minutes to avoid any excess pressure build-up and if you want more carbonation, simply repeat the process again. 


6. Dispense the carbonated water: Press the button to dispense the carbonated water from the nozzle.


When using a soda siphon, you must take care and read all the instructions as you are dealing with a pressurised container. If it is overfilled, or you add more than one CO2 canister, you are in danger of it breaking or bursting open. 


Where Is The Best Place to Buy Seltzer Bottles? 

At SupremeWhip, we sell a wide range of soda siphons & seltzer bottles to a worldwide audience of carbonation lovers. With happy customers in every state in America thanks to our high-quality products and free shipping on above $100 orders, you can be confident when you buy a soda maker machine from us. 



Need Help With Your Order?

If you have any further questions about our range of soda siphons & seltzer bottles, then please don't hesitate in dropping us an email at or call on +1 305 748-2021.



Frequently Asked Question

A soda syphon works by injecting CO2 into a flat liquid, and maintaining the pressure to keep the liquid fizzy over time.

No. Soda syphons are for drinks. You can use flavoured nitrous oxide canisters in soda syphons to rapidly infuse flavours in your drinks.

N2O is used as a whipping or foaming agent in the catering industry. It can be used to whip cream, but also make mousses or foams, and rapidly infuse flavours.

Orders placed before 12:00 pm PDT on a working day will be processed that day and we will endeavour to dispatch on the same day, depending on our delivery agent. Depending on the order address, next-day delivery may not be possible. Free Shipping on all orders over $100.
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