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QuickWhip Whipped Cream Dispensers

Cream charger dispensers or ‘cream whippers’ are the perfect kitchen companion. Add a creative flair to your cooking with our QuickWhip whipped cream dispensers. Our cream dispensers come in a variety of sizes and colours and are guaranteed to last a lifetime (with proper use and maintenance).

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Our QuickWhip Cream Dispensers

How to Use a QuickWhip Cream Dispenser

For safe delivery of creamy goodness ensure a high quality cream dispenser is used.

  1. Start by unscrewing the head of the cream dispenser.


  1. Put in your desired ingredients liquids, syrups, sugars or extracts.


  1. Gently screw the top of the dispenser back on. Ensuring the lid is fitted tightly


  1. Take one cream charger canister and insert it into the charger holder.


  1. Screw the charger holder back onto the pin of the cream dispenser. Ensure this is screwed tightly until you hear a hiss (this is nitrous oxide being released into the dispenser).


  1. Shake the dispenser to mix the gas with the contents.


  1. To begin applying, tilt the dispenser upside down and press the lever.

We’ve even created a blog and a quick video on how to use a whipped cream dispenser correctly.


Ways to Use Our QuickWhip Whipped Cream Dispensers 

Complete your kitchen with our high-quality cream whippers. Investing in our cream dispensers is an excellent way to take your catering skills to the next level!

Our mixed range of N20 nitrogen dispensers achieves incredible and creamy results. Top off your desserts, delicious hot drinks and so much more. Our whipped cream crackers will guarantee a professional touch every time!

Browse some delicious creations created with our whipped cream dispensers!


QuickWhip Cream Dispensers For All Occasions

Catering creations come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes; why should our cream dispensers be any different? 


  • Designed with size in mind; our 1L cream dispensers are for holding the largest volume of cream. Perfect for large-order catering needs.


  • Our 0.5L whipped cream crackers are suited for standard cream chargers. Suited for quick cream top-ups.


We stock cream charger dispensers that fit your needs at a cost that's right for you!


  • Our most affordable dispensers are made of aluminium and come in a range of finishes. A high-impact plastic nozzle is standard equipment for all of them.


  • For veteran whip creamers our cream crackers come in a stainless steel finish. These industry-standard cream dispensers are much easier to sterilise and clean.


Need Help With Anything?

If you have any questions about our range of whipped cream dispensers or our extensive range of products, such as our nitrous oxide cream chargers or soda siphons, then please drop us an email at

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