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Miami Magic Cream Chargers (9g)

Whip up novelty drinks, cocktails and dishes with Miami Magic cream chargers (9g).Both the packaging and the quality of their ability to whip cream will impress at kitchen parties, or in trendy bars.

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Ultra modern, convenient Miami Magic Infusions (9g). 


Enjoy a pure, food-grade N20 with each Miami Magic cream charger (9g) without the displeasure of chemical aftertastes or an oily residue. With the ability to make all kinds of exotic and novelty N20-infused foods and whipped cream, these cream chargers are bound to stand out in the kitchen. 

The 100% recyclable steel blue painted coating of the cylinders are rust-free, and each bottle is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be full of 9g of N20, with no duds or leakage. 

Despite containing 9g of N20, these Miami Magic cylinders will fit in all standard 8g bulb holders like this stainless steel one, for easy universal installation.


Iconic 9g Blue Cream Chargers 

Themed on the Miami lifestyle; this is a fun twist on whipped cream chargers. Prepare a variety of drinks and dishes with the iconic blue nitrous oxide canister. As well as being stylish and quirky the blue paint coating prevents kitchen moisture from causing rust! 


Why Buy Miami Magic 9g Cream Chargers?

  • The 9g canisters are filled with pure nitrous oxide (N20) gas. This ensures your culinary creations have no unwanted tastes or smells.
  • Each Miami Magic 9g cream charger is hand-packed, for high-quality purposes. This means we can guarantee no duds or leakages on your Miami Magic orders.
  • Made from 100% recyclable steel.
  • Miami Magic 9g N20 canisters are processed using innovative cleaning methods. This ensures no oily residue or aftertaste.
  • Miami Magic 9g cream chargers have a universal installation. These can fit standard 8g bulb holders and dispensers.


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