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0.95 Culinary Grade Cylinders | 580g N20 Canisters

Upgrade your nitrous oxide supply with these 0.95 culinary grade cylinders. Each of these giant canisters are filled with 580 grams or 0.95 litres of food-grade N20, compared to 8 grams in a regular cream charger. They are uniquely manufactured for preparing nitrous-infused meals, desserts and drinks. 

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Save Time And Increase Efficiency With 0.95 N20 Cylinders.

These 0.95 n20 canisters hold about 100x more nitrous oxide when compared to a regular 8.2g Supremewhip cream charger. They are essentially one large cartridge. 


0.95 culinary-grade cylinders are designed primarily for use in commercial kitchens, clubs, bars, restaurants, and large-scale homes. They offer the best performance for nitrous infusions and cream whipping techniques thanks to the greater amounts of nitrous oxide contained in a single cylinder. 


We sell three different types of 0.95L cylinders. Including:


Whipping cream in large quantities is much less time-consuming and more efficient with these larger cylinders. And so a 580g N2O tank is perfect for large-scale preparations and will satisfy your needs until the end of the event.

Please note: to connect a 580g or 0.95l cream charger to your whipped cream dispenser, you need a pressure regulator set featuring an adaptor and hose kit.

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