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Nitrous Oxide Canisters & Tanks | 580g N2O Canisters

Upgrade your nitrous oxide supply with these 0.95 culinary grade cylinders. Each of these giant canisters are filled with 580 grams or 0.95 litres of food-grade N20, compared to 8 grams in a regular cream charger.

They are uniquely manufactured for preparing nitrous-infused meals, desserts and drinks.

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Save time and increase efficiency with 0.95 n20 cylinders.

These 0.95 n20 canisters hold about 100x more nitrous oxide when compared to a regular 8.2g Supremewhip cream charger. They are essentially one large cartridge. 0.95 culinary grade cylinders are designed primarily for use in commercial kitchens, clubs, bars, restaurants, and large-scale homes. They offer the best performance for nitrous infusions and cream whipping techniques thanks to the greater amounts of nitrous oxide contained in a single cylinder. We sell three different types of 0.95L cylinders. Including: InfusionMax 0.95L canisters Miami Magic 0.95L canisters and our very own 0.95L Supremewhip Max tanks.

Whipping cream in large quantities is much less time-consuming and more efficient with these larger cylinders. And so a 580g N2O tank is perfect for large-scale preparations and will satisfy your needs until the end of the event. Please note: to connect a 580g or 0.95l cream charger to your whipped cream dispenser, you need a pressure regulator set featuring an adaptor and hose kit.

The Best Place To Buy Nitrous Oxide Canisters

At SupremeWhip, we sell a wide range of food-grade nitrous oxide tanks, each containing around 100x more compared to a standard 8.2g Supremewhip cream charger


Ideal for commercial kitchens, clubs, bars, restaurants, and large-scale homes as you no longer have to spend time replacing cartridges every 10 minutes. Instead, they serve as one large cartridge and are incredibly easy to use; simply turn on the nozzle and fill your dispenser with as much nitrous oxide as you need.


We sell three different types of 0.95L cylinders. Including:

Please note: when connecting a 580g nitrous oxide cream charger tank to your whipped cream dispenser, you'll need a pressure regulator set featuring an adaptor and hose kit.


Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our nitrous oxide tanks or would like to know more information about other products, such as our nitrous oxide cream chargers or soda siphons, then please get in touch via email at


Why use an N2O tank?

N2O tanks allow for non-stop nitrous-oxide-infused creations, making them any culinary professional's dream.


Consistent results: With a larger tank, you'll have no fears or worries about the odd dud or leakage sneaking their way in. Serve repeating customers with a consistent high-quality product every single time. 


Easy to use: With a simple gas dispensing mechanism, nitrous oxide canisters are incredibly easy to use for anyone; attach a regulator to the canister and start your journey on endless culinary creations. 


Less gas wastage: Standard canisters will often leave you with leftover gas that goes to waste, but with a tank, this is a problem of the past. No more worrying about about wastage, instead, attach the regulator and decide how much you want to use. This is especially useful in professional settings where fresh cream is needed in a moment's notice. 


More gas: N2O tanks contain approximately 100 times more gas than regular canisters, which means you won't need as many replacements and you'll save both time and money. Plus, you won't have to worry about setting up multiple canisters.


How to use an nitrous oxide tank?

1. Before using, clean and dry your dispenser.

2. Attach the dispensing nozzle to the head of the whipped cream dispenser.

3. Attach the regulator to the N2O tank.

4. Insert the other end of the pressure regulator into the head of the dispenser.

5. Hold the dispenser upright and press the lever or button to release the N2O gas into the dispenser. Do this for around 5 seconds.

6. Shake the dispenser gently to mix the N2O gas with the cream inside.

7. Press the lever or button again to dispense the whipped cream.

8. After use, remove the N2O tank from the dispenser head and store it in a cool, dry place.

Once you finish the tank, use the pressure release nozzle to make sure the tank is completely empty prior to recycling.


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SupremeWhip is a proud supplier of culinary-inspiring nitrous oxide tanks, serving happy and returning customers in nearly every state across America.


With free & quick shipping on all orders above $100, plus a price match guarantee if you find it cheaper within 24 hours of purchase, you're guaranteed to find the best deal on nitrous oxide tanks when you buy online today. 


Frequently Asked Question

The dimensions of our 580g cream charger tanks are 30cm x 7cm x 7 cm.

One single N2O tank holds between 80-100 times the amount of a regular-size cream charger.

No, our 580g cream charger tanks are only suitable for whipping applications. For carbonated drinks, a soda syphon is the appropriate kitchen aid.

Orders placed before 12:00 pm PDT on a working day will be processed that day and we will endeavor to dispatch on the same day, depending on our delivery agent. Depending on the order address, next-day delivery may not be possible. Free Shipping on all orders over $100.
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