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Whip-It! Cream Chargers

Whip cream or effortlessly infuse N20 into your dish or cocktail with these Whip It cream chargers. Whip It canisters are popular in all culinary settings such as restaurants, pubs and bars. They are made of 100% recyclable stainless steel and contain the highest quality nitrous oxide (N20).

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Create Glorious Whip-It! Whip Cream And Other Tasty Infused-foods.

Whip-It! have an established reputation when it comes to whipping cream and infusing drinks. All of our cream whippers are compatible with them. 

To make infused drinks, combine our cream chargers with our soda siphons. Please use whipping cream for making whipped cream; single cream is too thin and double cream is too thick to whip well. To help it keep shape for a longer period of time, whipped cream contains a non-toxic stabilising gum. 

These Whip It canisters come from the same factory as the special blue cream whip chargers that we also stock.  

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